"Magnolias in Art & Cultivation"

Barbara Oozeerally, Jim Gardiner, Stephen A. Sponberg


This superbly illustrated book combines stunning paintings with information on all species and around 100 hybrids. With over 150 botanical paintings, artist Barbara Oozeerally captures these plants in breathtakingly beautiful detail; described by botanical art collector Dr Shirley Sherwood as ‘an extraordinary series of important and beautiful plant portraits’.

The informative and authoritative text by Jim Gardiner accompanies these paintings and provides a variety of information about the species, hybrids and cultivars including their cultivation; together with Stephen A. Spongberg's full botanical descriptions. A truly unique volume which will be sought after by gardener and artist alike!

Some of the paintings from the book will be exhibited in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art at Kew, 15 January – August 2014.

Barbara’s works also appear in the following publications:

  • "A Passion for Plants" - Dr Shirley Sherwood
  • "Treasures of Botanical Art" - Dr Shirley Sherwood
  • "The Art of Plant Evolution" - Dr Shirley Sherwood
  • The Botanical Artist - December Issue 2007, USA